Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hi, My name is Susan Lopez.  I am from Margate, Florida.  I own this business along with my husband Alex Lopez.  We both have regular jobs and do photography as our second job hoping to make it full time one day.  We also specialize in party rentals for any occasion.

I started blogging to open up avenues for exposure and as another way getting our work out to the public.  Alex is the photographer and I am the website designer, blogger, and all social media exposure.  We want to attract all types of people to our business, we love anything that comes our way and we do not turn anyone away.  We try to work with everyone's budget and hope that once our work is appreciated and loved, you spread the word for future clients.

I am actually proud of my website.  I have to say it wasn't easy, but with pride, determination, and lots of late nights, I think i finally got it.  I know I still have some learning to do, but it works for us right now.

When you look at our blog, I want you to think WOW.  I want to keep coming back to see our photos, and most importantly I want you to feel the love we put into our photos.